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Saturdays, April 20th
10a - 1p

 max capacity 8ppl

A Ride on the Wild Side

As published in LA Times Travel - Experience and gather a taste for the lost art of foraging. Lead by one of San Luis Obispo County's recognized forager, our own Chef & Distiller Eric Olson.  Eric will introduce you to the county's microclimates and share the history of this wildcraft handed down to him by his family for two generations.


Learn to identify basic edible herbs and vegetation as well as poisonous or misleading flora, signs/indicators of natural springs, as well as gaining understanding of the medicinal elements and health benefits afforded through natural herbs, weeds, and shrubs including the spiritual properties of white sage and mugwort used by Native Americans and locals for years purposed towards spiritual cleansing and inducing dreams.  

Eric shares his culinary use of some of these found treasures using them in the distilling process, a season dish, cocktail or as garnishes.  This three-hour experience is guaranteed to be unique every time and of course the seasonality has a very distinctive impact on the treasures encountered.  Email us with questions or to make your reserve. 

We continue to update and schedule more foraging tours.  If you are interested in other date options, or in scheduling a private group tour, please email us directly at  
We will reach out directly to you with other date options and additional information.

The Craft of Distilling Whiskey

Eric fires up the still for the production of "white dog" or what many refer to as "moonshine". Have fun tasting whiskeys from around the world in this very interactive gathering as he introduces you to various whiskey styles, discussing what influences various flavor profiles. You'll gain more knowledge of whiskey history and be introduced to a variety of cocktails made with whiskey. Whether you enjoy your whiskey in a cocktail or straight, after this class, you just may know what drives your preference. This course includes small bites


You will leave happier than you arrived as you gain an understanding of this age old craft of distilling whiskey. 

Saturday, June 15th
12:30p - 2:30p




That's right! Not your typical course. This class touches on the history and origin of the Tequila spirit and the South American traditions utilized in the production of this unique spirit. Eric take you through a tasting of his favorite tequilas garnered throughout his years of travel to the Mexican region and introduce you to the way this spirit is utilized in an array of cocktails. Small bites are included.

Saturday, May 18th 
p - 2:30p

The Art of Creating Cocktails


You will have fun gathering tricks of the trade while Eric sharing his knowledge, spins stories and walking you through the fundamentals of mixing. He will take it up a notch ensuring you gain aptitude in upping your game through:

* flavor & texture balancing; 

* the art of the presentation; 

* the importance of glassware; and

* divulging trade secrets. 

In keeping with our goal, this presentation promises to invoke laughter and instigate learning! Limited seats available.

Saturday, March 9th 
12:30a - 2:30pm

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