"Spring . . . 

natures way of saying

'let's party'" .          

-- Robin Williams


Our twist to some of the classics . . .

"Bee's Knees"

A delicious combination of Meyer lemon, Forager Organic Gin, simple syrup and topped with Forager Society's Prohibition Zin!

"Maple Old Fashion"

We stir together our Gold Medal Winner Forager Bourbon Whiskey, Angostura Bitters and a touch of MapleSyrup.


 A delicious combination of Forager's Honey Vodka, Cranberry, Lime Juice, topped with Forager's Orange Brandy Liqueur.

"Strawberry Mojito"

We muddled strawberries and mint with fresh

lime Juice, and add our Forager Blanco & Bourbon Barreled Rum. A double whammy.

"Margarita Extra"

Forager Agave Spirit, fresh squeezed lime juice, a touch of agave syrup, topped with Forager Society's Orange Brandy Liqueur.

A flash back to the beaches of Mexico my friend.

"Margarita Platinum
Gelato Cocktails
"Strawberry Fields Forever"

We bathe Leo Leo's strawberry sorbet in our Forager Honey Vodka and garnish it with handpicked fruit and a sprig of mint.  

"Coffee Buzz"

Coffee gelato drizzled with chocolate syrup Immersed in our Gold Medal winner  Forager Bourbon Barreled Rum



Gelatos/Sorbet by Leo Leo, Paso Robles

Our Margarita Extra with the addition of

Grave Digger smoky agave spirit.

A memory of Tequila Town in Cabo San Lucas.