2019 Double Gold Medal Recipient!

Rum Finished in Bourbon Barrels.  Our Rum is bottled at 90 Proof.  Our recipe keeps to rum making tradition, and rests for a minimum of  90 days in 5-gallon Bourban barrels.  Impressions of sweet Carmel with subtle hints of Bourbon.  Exotic characteristics.  Perfect in a Mojito

Organic Gin, distilled 10 times from *vodka and is bottled at 89 Proof.  Notes of *Mignonette Pepper, *Coriander forward and *Juniper Berry finish.  (*organic ingredients)

    2019 Silver Medal Recipient!

Vodka, distilled from raw honey is bottled at 80 Proof. 10 times distilled, our honey is locally sourced and foraged within a 6 mile radius within the Central Coast of California.

Drinks clean, smooth; medium bodied with a honey finish. 

Bourbon Whiskey  Bottled at 80 Proof.  Made with Corn, Barley, & Rye and a traditional Kentucky yeast!  Aged in chard oak for a period of 6 months.

Notes of Toffee, Cinnamon & Baking Spices.  Very light and smooth. Serve neat or on the rocks.


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